Monday, 24 May 2010

Great escape too

I must confess that we went to several flea markets actually in one day ~ which is a norm by the way ;p. Boy, oh boy, were they crowded! Here are some more treasure finds. One man's junk may be another man's treasures!
We spotted this lovely vendor who allowed us to take photos of her lovely booth.
Cool blues arent they! She had some odd chinas as well in which we couldnt help but to buy a pair.
Here are some vintage cutleries belong to a very nice old english man. Not quite sure how long his family has owned them. They were all nicely tied together ready to go to new homes. If you have a good look you might find your initials engraved on a piece or two.
He also had this spectacular old binoculars in his booth.

If you are into vintage pictures & signs as well, here are a few.

Prom dress anyone?

Here is a picture of very colourful & happy comic books. Arent they just so cheerful to look at?
That's for today, will post again next flea day!

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